Facebook SDK May Cause Your App to Be Rejected From the App Store.


You just finished coding the coolest app ever. A well-deserved cold beer is awaiting for you. Archive… Validate….

Validation passed with warnings:

The app references non-public selector in id


Facebook SDK defines several protocols which define a property named id. Example

@protocol FBGraphUser<FBGraphObject>
@property (retain, nonatomic) NSString *id;

Needless to say, it’s a poor design choice™.

Any programmer with a minimal experience (and by minimal I mean any programmer who has ever made a fart app) easily recognizes this as a bad idea, since id is a keyword of the language (ok, I’m lying to keep things simple. id is just a predefined type, defined as a pointer to struct objc_object.)

It’s no surprise then that Apple warns you whenever you do something like user.id and you submit it to the App Store.

How to fix it

Easily enough, in any case I’m aware of, the objects conforming to the aforementioned protocol the Facebook SDK uses are all NSDictionary instances. You can therefore access the id field using objectForKey: or the literal notation as follows.

NSString * userId = user[@"id"];

This fixes the warnings and it’s not too terrible syntactically-wise.

Which Facebook SDKs?

According to this bug report, all versions < 3.5.3 are affected. It appears to have been fixed in version 3.5.3, and then it reappeared from some 3.7.x version on. At the time of writing the latest version is 3.8 and the issue is still there.

Will my app be rejected out of this?

Apple review process is far away from being clear, but a non-public selector reference (even though is indeed a false positive) is very likely to trigger an automatic rejection of your app. So yes, it may be.

What should Facebook do?

Change the property name to ID or userId (placeId, objectId, whatever appropriate).

Why don’t they do it?

Because they are lazy.